Social distancing: day seven (where we start home schooling whilst still working full time)

After a pretty pleasant weekend where we felt none of the usual pressure to ‘get out and do something’ today was the start of our new routine. Garry and I spent a bit of time yesterday cross referencing calendars, making sure we had time blocked out for teleconferences or essential work then checked the google classroom site to see what work had been assigned for our 6 year old. It’s a great system and massively helps two complete home school novices figure out how to get a bit of structure and continuity in his life. Unfortunately the 3 year old is not a fan of this structure and continuity and spent half the day throwing tantrums, which is understandable given that all she really be doing is playing (which she doesn’t like doing alone). Ideally one of us would play with her whilst the other does a bit of the schooling but when one of us is with the kids the other needs to be working. God this is hard. For all of us.

Thankfully we did manage to make the day balance out, thanks to the fact we worked a few hours early morning and late evening. And I am finding new things out about my kids, like the fact my 6 year old is fantastic at maths and my 3 year old loves to cheat at card games. If I am trying to find some positives in this whole thing, getting to know my kids more is definitely one.

As of tonight we are now on ‘lockdown’. If I am honest, this doesn’t change anything for us as we are living this way anyway but may well impact next weeks planned house move (more on that in another post). This whole thing though, trying to balance the work, the kids, the worry I feel for friends and family plus the house move, is having a massive impact on my health and I am currently feeling pretty bad both mentally and physically.

So what to do? Well, figure out what I can control and what I can’t. Try to figure out solutions to the former and forget about the latter. Focus on the positives… I have a secure job, an amazing husband and healthy kids. Fabulous friends and colleagues who keep me supported and entertained. Disney + starts tomorrow.

And if all else fails I still have wine.

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